MHIT’s Redesigned Web Site

By means of the Web Site and News Bulletins, the Trust endeavours to enhance public knowledge of its vision, mission, objectives, activities, current projects, military heritage and upcoming events. The Trust’s Web Site is professionally managed by its Webmaster Sergeant Michael Burke, Defence Forces CIS Corps.

The Web Site provides guidance for the research of military heritage. The Web Site also advises on how to access information regarding military service. Finally, the site facilitates links with Web Sites associated with Ireland’s military heritage.

Due to an aggressive malware virus which adversely attacked the Web Site, its operationality was undermined on numerous occasions throughout 2016. Eventually, the virus was eradicated.  During 2016, 49 News Items were posted on the Web Site and details of 76 events were inserted on the Web Site Calendar.

The previous design of the Web Site was completed in 2014. During the period November 2016 and February 2017, in conjunction with the Webmaster, the Chairman advanced a new format for the Web Site, based on contemporary software and current best practice.

Availing of Fluida and WordPress, the website has been completely redesigned replacing the previous design on Sunday 19 February, 2017. All material was successfully transferred to the newly designed site.

Located on the same server, kindly provided free of charge by Lieutenant-Colonel Stuart McNamara, the Web Site has a completely different design, providing easier navigation and a more efficient calendar.

Although having the menu, sliding images social media links and a footer, the Home Page is somewhat different than the previous site, in that the format only allows one panel rather than three panels. The content of the central panel on the Home Page provides for a Welcome Message, links to About Us, Membership and Research, and News. It is now possible to associate a photograph with each news item. Subsequent pages contain three panels.

All items posted on the Web Site, such as News Items and Events, are captured on Facebook and the Trust’s Twitter account. Concurrently, they are circulated to our Facebook and Twitter Followers. The Twitter tag is @militaryheritag By means of Flickr, the Web Site’s Media Gallery facilitates the posting of a limitless number of photographs on the site.

The Directors invite observations and recommendations on its 2017 redesigned Web Site which can be accessed at: