Lt Col Eyre Evans Preston O.B.E. 1872-1937

Lt Col Eyre Evans Preston O.B.E. 1872-1937

his is a continuation of the Preston story posted last month and is about the older brother of Lt Col William John Phaelim.

Eyre Evans was born to Surgeon General Alexander Francis and Elizabeth Agabeg Preston in 1872. His father was posted in Sialkot in Punjab (now in Pakistan), at the foothills of the Himalayas. Elizabeth had lost her first two babies (both girls) to India, and her surviving third daughter was two when Eyre Evans was born.

His army career began in 1891 as a 2nd Lt in Inniskilling Fusiliers. Two years later, the young Lt was seconded for service to the Indian Staff Corps and qualified as 1st Class Interpreter in a Modern Foreign Language – Urdu, I expect. In 1896 he was probably stationed in or near Bangalore because that is where he married Amy Catherine, daughter of the celebrated pioneer Charles Harper Bennett. Photo: Imperial War Museum photographic.

Extract from the latest addition to Digging up the Raj by Shabnam Vasisht

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