The Christina Kubisch National Memorial Gardens Project

Volunteers – Recording for the Christina Kubisch National Memorial Gardens Project

The Goethe-Institut Ireland in partnership with Dublin City Council are once again seeking volunteer readers for a sound art installation to remember the Irish soldiers who lost their lives fighting in the First World War.

This artwork by renowned German sound artist Christina Kubisch is being developed as a contemporary art response to the tragic loss of life during the first world war. Dublin City Arts Office are asking volunteers to give 20 minutes of their time to read names from Ireland’s Memorial Records: World War 1 1914-1918 (designed and illustrated by the renowned Irish Artist Harry Clarke) to be recorded for use in the sound work.

Christina Kubisch will then transform these voices into music which will become part of the installation.

Following a successful first round of recording in the winter 2015 during which 21,184 names were read, Dublin City Arts Office are now organising a week of recording sessions in order to record all 49,647 names.

The sessions will take place in Civic Offices, Wood Quay and Collins Barracks from Tuesday 26th of April until Saturday the 30th of April. Sessions will take place in Wood Quay from Tuesday to Thursday and in Collins Barracks on Friday and Saturday from 0930hrs to 1730hrs.

If you are interested in taking part please contact the Public Art Manager by email at

For your convenience, Dublin City Arts Division will try to organise as precise an appointment time for the recording so therefore indicate you preferred date, location and time slot (to within an hour / morning or afternoon.

Please be aware that the last session is at 1700hrs and scheduled breaks are at 1045 to 1100 and 1245 to 1330hrs.