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Room of Reflection

Royal Innisskillings - Elephant Battery NW Frontier India 1897

Royal Innisskillings – Elephant Battery NW Frontier India 1897

The Trust’s Directors are actively exploring the feasibility of establishing a Room of Reflection, reflecting Ireland’s shared military heritage, in a suitable location, subject to appropriate permission and the availability of finances to support the project.

In February 2014, as part of Phase 1 of the project, the Trust formally appointed Mr O’Cuív as the Project Consultant. Having provided Mr O’Cuív with planning guidance, the Trust requested him to develop an outline concept for consideration by the Directors.

For planning purposes, it is envisaged that the Room of Reflection will complement an existing military gallery(s). Having viewed the complete military gallery, visitors will be channelled through the Room of Reflection before exiting the installation.

The Room of Reflection will, inter alia: reflect the diversity of Irish worldwide military service; honour all Irish soldiers; encompass the different traditions of the island of Ireland; reflect the selfless service, courage and loyalty of Irish men and women; safeguard the legacy of Irish soldiers for future generations; nurture a new generation of researchers; and foster public awareness of Ireland’s military heritage.

The environment will, inter alia: provide the culmination and centre of gravity of all the emotions and experiences accruing from visiting the military gallery; provide an opportunity to reflect on the Irish casualties; be a silent, sacred place of commemoration, of quiet tribute and an epitaph to the Irish Soldier; be a sombre symbolic place of emotion, of solace, of meditation, of prayer and of quiet reflection.

Following the Directors’ approval of the outline concept, it is envisaged that the process will advance to Phase 2, with the development of a comprehensive Business Plan, including aspects such as the location, design, displays, finance, sponsorship, time-line and maintenance of the project.

Subject to the approval of the appropriate authorities, Phase 3 of the project envisages the development of the site and the installation of suitable galleries reflecting Ireland’s unique military heritage and the story of the Irish Soldier.