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Bibliography Irish Military History

Bibliography Irish Military History

For the information of researchers, the Military Heritage of Ireland Trust CLG commissioned publications to facilitate research, see About Us Section – Publications.
An appropriate point of departure for researchers is the bibliography of A Military History of Ireland (1996) edited by Thomas Bartlett and Keith Jeffery. This publication features over 600 relevant books, articles and essays.
In addition to books, a considerable amount of information on Irish military history and heritage appears in specialist journals. Examples of such journals include the Military History Society of Ireland’s The Irish Sword, published twice a year and History Ireland published every two months.
The Trust invites authors and publishers of books and journals associated with military heritage and military history involving the Irish Soldier, to provide information of such publications and journals for posting in the web site’s bibliography.

Directory of Publications
Listed in the Drop Down Menu associated with Bibliography is the Directory of Publications. Publications, supporting the Military Heritage of Ireland Trust’s vision and objectives, can be viewed according to the category, e.g. “Medieval Ireland”.

The Trust invites authors and publishers of books and journals associated with military heritage and military history involving the Irish Soldier, to provide information of such publications and journals for posting in the web site’s bibliography.

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