2023 Military Heritage Research Bursary

Posted on: October 25, 2022

Acknowledging that military heritage is common to the different political, religious and cultural traditions on the island, the Military Heritage of Ireland Trust CLG, (hereafter referred to as “Trust”), advances an all-Ireland, cross border, non-denominational and non- political approach to military heritage. The Trust encourages the study of Ireland’s military heritage, history, and memory in all its diversity and complexity. Arising from its objectives, the Trust will award The Military Heritage Research Bursary 2023 to an individual conducting original and innovative research into an aspect of Irish military heritage and the Story of the Irish Soldier.

The bursary will be an ex-gratia payment of €500.

The bursary will be paid at the completion of the associated work and the formal submission of an academic paper to the Trust’s Board of Directors. The payment of the 2023 bursary will take place at the 2024 Trust’s Annual General Meeting.

The output of the research should constitute a significant and scholarly contribution to our understanding of Military Heritage and the Story of the Irish Soldier.

Applications from prospective candidates for the 2023 bursary should be submitted to the Trust’s Secretary, not later than 31 January 2023.

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