Annual Parade Combined Irish Regiments Association – 16 June 2024

Posted on: June 20, 2024

Ceremonial Reception – Disbanded Southern Irish Regimental Colours – 12 June 1922

The Combined Irish Regiments Association’s Annual Parade owes its origins to Monday, 12 June 1922, when the following Irish Regiments were disbanded under the terms of the Anglo-Irish Treaty: The Royal Irish Regiment (18th Foot); The Royal Dublin Fusiliers; The Royal Munster Fusiliers; The Connaught Rangers; The Prince of Wales Leinster Regiment (Royal Canadians), and The South Irish Horse.

At 1130hrs, on that day, during a solemn ceremony in Saint George’s Hall at Windsor Castle, H.M. King George V received the King’s and Regimental Colours of five of these Irish Regiments, and a regimental engraving on behalf of The South Irish Horse since it possessed no colours or guidon.

The King was accompanied by Field-Marshal H.R.H.  The Duke of Connaught (Honorary Colonel of the South Irish Horse and Colonel-in-Chief of the Royal Dublin Fusiliers).

In receiving the King’s and Regimental Colours, King George V said that the event “cannot fail to strike a note of sadness in our hearts”, and made the following promise: “Your Colours are the records of valorous deeds in war, and of the glorious traditions thereby created. You are called upon to part with them today for reasons beyond your control and resistance. By you and your predecessors these Colours have been reverenced and guarded as a sacred trust – which trust you now confide in me. As your King I am proud to accept this trust. But I fully realise with what grief you relinquish these dearly-prized emblems; and I pledge my word that within these ancient and historic walls your Colours will be treasured, honoured, and protected as hallowed memorials of the glorious deeds of brave and loyal regiments”.

View the Disbanded Regiments’ Colours in Windsor Castle:

Annual Parade – The Cenotaph – Whitehall – 16 June 2024

The Annual Parade of the Combined Irish Regiments Association took place at The Cenotaph, in Whitehall, London on Sunday, 16 June 2024.  The President of the Combined Irish Regiments Association, Brigadier (Retd) Adrian Naughton MBE MA was the Presiding Officer.

Prior to the event, Brigadier (Retd) Naughton recorded inter alia: “We are gathered here today to remember with due solemnity those who served so bravely down the years in the ranks of the disbanded Irish RegimentsThis year also sees the 80th Anniversary of D-Day and the Liberation of Rome, both of which involved a considerable contribution by Irish Regiments”.

Departing from King Charles Street, under the command of Lieutenant-Colonel (Retd) Peter McFarlane, and with Regimental Standards, the parade marched to The Cenotaph, led as in previous years by the Pipes and Drums of the London Irish Rifles Association.

Participants in the parade included veterans from Irish Regiments, members of Irish Regimental Associations, veterans from the Rhodesian Army, Chelsea Pensioners, a representative body from the Irish United Nations Veterans Association, and Cadets from the London District.

The Cenotaph Honour Guard was mounted by personnel of the Irish Guards.  Personnel from the Defence Forces were in attendance.

The Prayer Service was conducted by The Reverend Phelan Rowlands, the Association’s Chaplain.  The Pipes and Drums played the Lament – “Oft in the Stilly Night”.  The Silence was followed by Reveille which was sounded by a Bugler.

Brigadier (Retd) Adrian Naughton led the wreath laying ceremony.   Wreaths were also laid by Ms Fionnuala Egan representing the Irish Ambassador to the United Kingdom, on behalf of the Irish Government; by Sir Anthon Weldon, representing the Regimental Associations of the Disbanded Units; by the Commanding Officer of the London Guards Regiment, Colonel Chris Sykes; by Representatives of Regimental Associations; by Veterans; and by Relatives.

To the tune “Killaloe” (Quick March of the Royal Irish Regiment), the Parade withdrew, saluting The Cenotaph on the return route to King Charles Street.

Photographs of the 2024 Parade on the MHIT’s Flickr Platform:

For a video of the 2024 Parade, via the Combined Irish Regiment’s Association’s Facebook platform:

Information – Combined Irish Regiments Association

The aims and objectives of the Combined Irish Regiments Association include:  To perpetuate and honour the memory of all soldiers who made the supreme sacrifice whilst serving in an Irish Regiment, including those of the Regiments disbanded in 1922; to perpetuate and honour the memory of all soldiers who have died while serving in an Irish Regiment; and to sustain and enhance that singular élan and esprit de corps distinguishing all Irish Regiments.

In this video, Brigadier (Retd) Adrian Naughten MBE, MA, President of the Combined Irish Regiments Association provides an insight into the Association, link below:

More information on the Combined Irish Regiments Association can be seen on its Website:


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