Launch – Reconstructed Website – 06 February 2024

Posted on: February 7, 2024
Relaunch of Website

2014 Redesign

During its February 2014 meeting, the Directors endorsed a concept for a much-needed redesign of the Trust’s Website. The project was implemented by the Trust’s Webmaster, Sergeant Michael (Mick) Burke, with software kindly provided, without cost, from civilian resources by Lieutenant-Colonel Stuart McNamara, both were serving in the Defence Forces CIS Corps.  We formally launched the new Website on 23 September, 2014.  Since 2014, the Website enhanced public knowledge of our mission, vision, objectives, activities, current projects, and upcoming events.  It also provided guidance for the research of military heritage, and advised on how to access relative information, and received numerous queries regarding military service.

2023 Redesign

Last November, the Trust purchased additional software, which facilitated the process to redesign and reconstruct our Website.  Having received “Planning Guidance”, on 27 November our Webmaster Mick Burke commenced the successful reconstruction process.  During this process, the Website was not be accessible for a short period, and an appropriate notification could be viewed by Website visitors.

Our Webmaster’s formatting and presentation of the Digging Up the Raj package is an exceptional piece of work, and this is just one of many examples of his professionalism and IT competencies.

Except for some minor editorial changes, all of the existing data was imported from the platform which was operational since 2014, directly onto the new 2023 platform.   Reviewing the significantly enhanced Website, one will note substantial presentation and major formatting changes, all of a contemporary nature, which makes the website more accessible to our visitors, and more manageable for our Webmaster.

The reconstructed Website is responsive for both tablet and mobile phone.  However, as the site is very data heavy, it is better viewed on a desktop computer.

Events Section

The Website is now supported with impressive software for its Events Section.  This Section caters for Upcoming Events, Full List of Events, View of Events by Category, and an Event Calendar.  The software “Plug-in” enables associated data to be posted for each event, such as a location photograph, and details of the event organisers including a Logo.

Social Media Platforms

An additional Website “plug-in” allows us to automatically post our News Bulletins and Calander Events on the Trust’s X (formally Twitter) Platform.  For example, both the Chairman’s Seasons Greetings, the 2024 Bursary, and Events for Q1 and Q2 were posted on our X Platform.  Icons for our Social Media Platforms and our Flickr Account are on the Home Page.  Please note that both our X and Facebook platforms have been inactive for many years.

Material for Website

All visitors to the Trust’s Website are encouraged to provide details of appropriate events [Date, Activity, Location, Host, Contact Details], which can be posted on our website during 2024 and material for our News Bulletins on the Home Page.

Launch of 2024 Reconstructed Website

Having formally acknowledging their appreciation of Michael Burke’s work on the project, and his steadfast service to the Trust, during their meeting on 06 February the Directors formally launched the reconstructed website (V 2024).


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