Military Heritage of Ireland Trust’s AGM

Military Heritage of Ireland Trust’s 14th Annual General Meeting was held on 27th May at the National Museum of Ireland, Collins Barracks Dublin.

Chairman’s Opening Remarks

On behalf of the Directors, the Chairman Brig Gen Paul Pakenham (Retd) extended a warm welcome to all attending the Trust’s 14th Annual General Meeting, held on 27 May at the National Museum of Ireland, Collins Barracks Dublin.

The Chairman took the opportunity to formally thank Brig Gen Jim Saunderson (Retd) for his leadership, commitment and professionalism during his tenure of office as Chair. General Saunderson continues to serve the Trust as a Director.

During the year, Mr John Deering was co opted to the Board of Directors, replacing Mr Mark Scott who resigned prior to the 13th Annual General Meeting. On behalf of the Directors, the Chairman formally thanked retiring Director Mr Michael Kenney for his contribution to the Trust, especially as an active Director since January 2009. The AGM was informed that Rear-Admiral Mark Mellet DSM has replaced Lieutenant-General Conor O’Boyle, Chief of Staff, as an Ex-Officio Director.

The Chairman provided an insight into the Trust’s activities since the last AGM including the Room of Reflection, Decade of Centenaries, Military Heritage Annual Award, the Trust’s evolving Trust’s Web Site, Military Service Information, and the Trust’s Activities.

In the context of the Military Heritage Annual Award, the Directors acknowledged the support received from Dr Padraic Lenihan NUIG who provides the interface with students, and the three Judges who adjudicated the 2013 Award namely: Professor Keith Jeffrey – Queens University, Doctor Ian Speller – NUI Maynooth, and Professor Eunan O’Halpin – Trinity College).

Regarding the site’s reconstruction, the Chairman formally acknowledged the support of Lieutenant-Colonel S McNamara, and in particular the design work undertaken by the Web Master Sergeant Mick Burke, both of the CIS Corps

Directors’ Report and Financial Statements

The Director’s Report for year ended 31 December, 2013 was adopted. The Report outlined, inter alia, the principal activities, results and dividends, directors, company secretary, books of account, and auditors. The Financial Statement for year ended 31 December, 2013 was also adopted.

The Chairman conveyed the members appreciation to the Company Secretary, Lt Col Tom Halligan (Retd) for his professional approach in supporting the Board of Directors, in advancing the Trust’s objectives and in preparing for today’s Annual General Meeting.

He also conveyed his appreciation to the Treasurer, Etain Doyle for advancing the Trust’s Financial Framework and to Mr Kevin Montgomery of Howlin O’Rourke, Auditors and Accountants, for auditing the 2013 accounts.

Trust Directors

The following Directors who were retiring, presented themselves for re-election and were duly elected: Colonel William H. Gibson (Retd), Major-General Patrick F. Nowlan (Retd), Brigadier-General James Saunderson (Retd).

In accordance with Article 49, during its October meeting, Mr John Deering and Brigadier-General Paul Pakenham (Retd) were co-opted on to the Board of Directors. Both presented themselves for re-election as Directors and were elected.

Appointment of Auditors

Howlin O’Rourke, Auditors and Accountants, continue in office as the Trust’s auditors, whose remuneration will be decided by the Directors.

Presentation to Winner of Annual Heritage Award – 2013

The Chairman presented the prize of the 2013 Military Heritage Award to Mr Matthew McGinty, NUI Galway.

Mr McGinty provided a brief insight into his paper titled “O’Neill, O’Donnell, and the Nine Year Wars”.

Military Service Pension Archive Brief

Comdt Padraic Kennedy, OIC Military Archives, who was Project Manager for the Military Service Pensions Collection made an informative presentation informative presentation, providing attendees with a comprehensive understanding of the role of Military Archives, and advising them of the range of collections available to view, recent releases, and projects in train.

Chairman’s Closing Remarks

The Chairman presented the Trust’s short term priorities: Launch of a reconstructed Web Site, Responding to external research enquires, and Advancing the Military Heritage Annual Award for 2014.
Regarding the medium term priorities, during the period 2014 – 2015, the Trust will focus on key measurable outputs such: as the publication of a strategic framework, the establishment of a Room of Reflection, active involvement in the Decade of Centenaries, enhancing partnerships with stakeholders such as Museums and Regimental Associations, increasing student’s involvement in the Military Heritage Annual Award, extending its Membership base, and through a relaunched Web Site, further develop the support provided for research and promulgate bulletins and event listings.
The Chairman conveyed the Trust’s appreciation to Mr Kieran Montgomery representing the auditors, to Mr Michael Baynes in his capacity as our Legal Advisor, and to the National Museum of Ireland for its support throughout the year and in particular for providing accommodation for the AGM.

In conclusion, the Chairman acknowledged the proactive engagement of the Directors and members on issues associated with the Agenda. During the course of the meeting, sound decisions were made and fruitful deliberations took place, shaping the direction for the Thrust, and providing food for thought for the Directors.
Finally, the Chairman encouraged all members to maintain a practical and positive interest in advancing the Trust’s mission, vision and objectives, thereby enhancing greater awareness of the military heritage associated with the Irish Soldier.