Expert Advisory Group on Centenary Commemorations

Second Phase Mission Statement 2017 – 2023

The reappointed Expert Advisory Group is, first and foremost, a collection of individual professional historians, record custodians and cultural practitioners, with individual research interests, interpretations and institutional affiliations. While continuing to serve on this Advisory Group, we will all be involved on an ongoing basis in the research and dissemination of history and making individual contributions to the commemoration debate. Any ideas or views that we express in that capacity should not be seen as representing the views of the Group as a whole.

It is not the function of this Group, as shown since its inception, to be prescriptive or directive in how to interpret the impact of this pivotal part of our history. It is our intention to set out some guiding principles to be referenced when navigating this important and formative historical period on the road to the foundation of the State and in its taking its place among the nations.
The decade of commemorations recalls some of the most significant events in the history of modern Ireland and the modern world: a decade of unprecedented violence, death, destruction and forced resettlement, but also the exercise of national self-determination resulting in major changes in government and political boundaries, the development of a modern Irish democracy and universal adult suffrage. The principles expressed in the Group’s Initial Statement are still valid and relevant. This document re-affirms the Group’s overall approach as we look forward to the second half of the Decade of Centenaries.

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