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The Military Heritage of Ireland Trust (CLG) was founded in 1999, in order to promote the widest understanding and appreciation of Ireland’s distinctive and shared military heritage.

Acknowledging that military heritage is common to the different political and religious traditions on the island, the Trust, as a voluntary and non-profit organisation, advances an all-Ireland, cross border, non-denominational and non-political approach to military heritage and the story of the Irish Soldier.

In this context, the Trust focuses on all Irish men and women, from all parts of Ireland, who served worldwide in armed forces, irrespective of the Theatre of Operations, National Colour or Regimental Colour.

The Trust encourages researching, studying and preserving the legacy of Irish men and women who have served a shared military heritage for future generations.

The Trust serves as a focal point and sustains links with Regimental Associations, Veteran Associations, Historical Societies and Universities, coupled with a diverse range of communities, heritage sites, interpretative centres, museums and organisations, who share an interest with the Irish Soldier and a common Irish military heritage.


Since its establishment, the Trust’s Membership is drawn from the different traditions in Ireland, and a variety of backgrounds including business, public service, military service, academia, archivists, historians, students, researchers and the general public.

The Trust’s Membership is committed to honouring and supporting the widest understanding and appreciation of Irish military heritage, and actively encourages the research of the Irish Soldier in military history.

The Trust’s membership is open to individuals interested in supporting and promoting these aims.  Individuals are formally admitted to membership by the Trust’s Directors.

For the purpose of membership, the Directors may also admit appropriate Museums, Regimental Associations and Veterans Associations, falling within the remit of military heritage and the story of the Irish Soldier, as members of the Trust.  Such Museums and Associations shall pay the same subscription as an individual member, may nominate one of its members to represent it at the Trust’s General Meetings, and shall have one vote at such meetings.

Members subscribe to the Trust’s mission, vision and objectives, and have the Trust’s interest at heart.

Applications for membership will be formally presented by the Company Secretary to a meeting of the Trust’s Directors for approval or otherwise.  Subsequently, all applicants will be advised in writing if membership has been approved.

The Trust’s Directors may suspend or expel any member whose conduct, either inside or outside the Trust, is or has been, in its opinion, injurious to the character or interests of the Trust.

Membership Benefits

Membership of the Trust facilitates those who have an interest in Irish Military History and the Irish Soldier.

Membership enhances the influence and integrity of the Trust, and the knowledge of Irish Military Heritage.

Membership provides the opportunity of supporting the objectives of the Trust and actively participate in its activities.

Membership facilitates an active involvement in the workings of the Trust, including voting rights at Annual General Meetings, either personally or by proxy.

Membership subscriptions allow the Trust to continue its valuable work in advancing the story of the Irish Soldier.

Your membership provides the unique opportunity to be part of the network of people who care about the preservation of Ireland’s military heritage for future generations.

Supporters of our vision and objectives are welcome, as the Trust is the sum of its members.

Be part of the Trust, which as a charity depends largely on donations and the support of its members to fund its various activities and projects, including research.

Application Form

Your membership will make a difference.

In this context, you are cordially invited to apply for membership by completing the Application Form, see link below.

Individuals are encouraged to share information on the Application Form if you have a particular interest in Ireland’s military heritage, an interest in the Irish Soldier, an interest in military history, have served or are serving in a nation’s Armed Forces, or if you are a member of a Museum, Remembrance Trust, Historical Society, Regimental Association or Veterans Association.

Museums and Associations are encouraged to provide a summary of their objectives on the Application Form.

Annual Subscription

Membership of the Trust is for a calendar year, an annual subscription is charged to cover administration costs and to support projects approved by the Directors.

The current membership subscription is €30 / £25.

Unless requested, receipts shall not be issued for subscriptions.

The Trust’s Directors shall have the power to terminate the membership of any member whose full current yearly subscription is unpaid on 31st December.

Submission of Application Form

Completed Application Forms should be submitted to The Secretary, The Military Heritage of Ireland Trust (CLG), The Registry, McKee Barracks, Blackhorse Avenue, Dublin 7, Ireland.

For further information, please contact the Trust’s Company Secretary.

Approval of Membership Applications

Following the approval of the Trust’s Directors, new members will be advised accordingly and will be provided with information concerning the payment options for the annual subscription.

Download the Individual Membership Form >>

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