Colonel Alexander Bredin 1837-1927

The Bredins have a remarkable military history in India with many rotating the same family names, to make it more confusing for me. But I am getting better at solving such family riddles.
Thomas Bredin and Eliza McLaughery of Ballymahon, County Longford had seven children. Their second son, Alexander, was born in 1837. He started out as an Ensign in 1859 in 22nd Madras Infantry, probably stationed in the regimental headquarters of Hoshangabad. I am guessing that Bredin transferred to 3rd (later 63rd) Madras Native Infantry (Palamcottah Light Infantry), because he married in Palamcottah in 1870.
His bride, Alice Ann, was born in India as her father was the Right Reverend Thomas Edward Sargent, Bishop of Tinnevelly, in south India. It was unusual for officers to marry at such an early stage in their careers but Bredin managed it when a mere lieutenant. As was often the case, there was a considerable difference in age – 22 years – between bride and groom. The couple’s first child was born in Palamcottah in 1871 and, unsurprisingly, christened Alexander.

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